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July 16-21, 2023

​What is the LIT program?

Leader in Training (LIT) is a one week camp training program in which students are given the opportunity to learn about camp ministry while being immersed in an active camp scenario.

During LIT week there will be training sessions in which you will learn practical camp ministry skills such as how to write your testimony and how to lead a small group discussion. Throughout the program you will get opportunities to apply what you’ve learned. From helping lead a skill activity and performing skits to hanging out with the campers and leading a cabin devotion, you will be able to strengthen what you learn with hands on experience.

What will I learn about?

Will it all be Cabin Leader training?

No, camp is like a body where all the parts need to work together in order for it to work. As part of your training, you will get the chance to help the other staff, such as Maintenance with a project, or the Kitchen Staff with a meal. We hope to provide you with a complete camp experience. Expect your life to change!

For more information, view the Leader in Training Job Description.
If you would like to apply for the LIT program, please download the LIT Application Form, and email it to the camp office. You may also print and mail your application and send it by mail or email to:

Good Spirit Bible Camp
Box 295
Springside, SK.
S0A 3V0

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