Please remember to bring

  • Pillow and sleeping bag (or twin size bedding)

  • Swimsuit, towel and water shoes

  • Personal toiletries (toothbrush/paste, shampoo, deodorant, towel etc.)

  • Bible (if available)

  • Sunscreen and a hat

  • Bug Spray

  • Lots of summer clothes you don’t mind getting dirty (also some rainwear, sweaters and long pants)

  • Running Shoes

Please do not bring*:

  • Clothing with offensive language or graphics.

  • Clothing that is considered too revealing

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Tobacco, alcohol, or non-prescription drugs

  • Multimedia players (iPod/mp3 players, any video game players, etc.)

  • Cell Phones

*If any of these items are brought they will be confiscated and kept safe to be returned (with the exception of any alcohol or other illegal substances) at week’s end.




Paintball - Fill out and print off a paintball waiver here.

Cancellation Policy - If a camper is unable to attend their week of camp, please give notice as soon as possible. The camp deposit is non-refundable. If at least a week's notice is given, the registration fee minus the deposit will be refunded. If less than a week's notice is given, we will not refund any amount.

Financial Assistance - If a parent or guardian does not have the budget to pay for their child to come to camp, they may fill out this Financial Assistance Application. This application will be reviewed by the Camp Director before approval.

Camper Visitors – Campers are not allowed to have visitors during camp.  This is due in part to issues of maintaining camp security and also to ensure an enjoyable camp experience for the camper.  This also means that parents wishing to volunteer or work at camp while their child is a registered camper will be unable to do so.

Dress – Please avoid wearing or bringing clothes that could be considered inappropriate.  Examples include: Belly shirts, short shorts or cut-offs, low cut shirts, shirtless.  Also do not wear or bring clothing expressing or implying immoral or inappropriate themes, behavior, or language. Swimsuits are to be one piece or in the event of two piece, a dark t-shirt must be worn over top.

Alcohol and Drugs – Good Spirit Bible Camp is alcohol and drug free.  Please do not bring any alcohol or drugs (including tobacco products).  These things will be confiscated and may lead to camper expulsion.

Multimedia – Do not bring and multimedia players including CD Players and CD’s, Movies or DVD players, game consoles or handheld game players, i pods or whatever else they are making now.  We cannot promise the security of these items in a group cabin setting nor can we always monitor the content.

Phones – Campers are not allowed to use the phone during the camp week (exceptions made for emergencies).  Also cell phones are not allowed and will be confiscated if brought.  This is, again, partly due to the security of the item itself, but also because we want your camper to get the most out of their camp experience and these types of things tend to hinder that.  If your camper will have a birthday during their stay, birthday cards and letters can be left with our staff and will be delivered on the appropriate day.

First Aid – Our camp has a designated staff member who is responsible for first aid and medical needs.  All medications will be administered  by this staff member.  Our camp maintains a well -stocked first aid facility.

Food – All meals are prepared by a safety standards qualified head cook. In addition to this, our camp tries to be nut free.   We also make arrangements for any other allergies or sensitivities that may come up each week.  Please contact us ahead of time to let us know.

Lice – We have a no head lice policy at our camp.  Please ensure that your camper is checked before bringing them to camp.  For health reasons, we cannot permit campers who have lice.

For more information on our policies and camp rules, please contact us.