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All About Day Camps


​What are day camps?

This summer we have the unique opportunity to pack our camp experience into ONE day of camp fun! If you have never been to camp, this is a great way to see what it's all about. If you love camp as much as we do, sign up for as many days as you would like!

See the calendar of day camps here.

Drop off time is 8:30am.

Pick up time is 5:00-5:30pm.

For Late Night Teen camps, registration is 2:00pm and pick up time is 10:00pm.

When are the day camps?

​What do you do at day camps?

Each week we will be offering 5 different day camps! See the schedules here:*

Scamper Camp (ages 5-7)

Junior Camp (ages 8-10)

Tween Camp (ages 11-13)

Community Camps (ages 5-13)

Teen Camps (ages 14-18)

Late Night Teen Camps (ages 14-18)

*programming is subject to change.

These camps combine all the best parts of camp with new day camp programming. Kids can come prepared to participate in all scheduled activities!

What should I pack in my backpack?

What you should bring to day camp:

  • Outdoor clothing that is weather-appropriate (running shoes, hat, sunglasses, clothes that can get dirty)

  • Swimsuit & Towel (change rooms will be available, time will be provided to change between activities)

  • Long pants & closed toe shoes for horsemanship & climbing

  • Water bottle

  • Bagged lunch & snacks for the day (please bring in a sealed bag/container. Fridge will be provided).

  • Sunscreen & bug spray

What you should NOT bring to day camp:

  • Clothing with offensive language or graphics.

  • Clothing that is considered too revealing

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Tobacco, alcohol, or non-prescription drugs

  • Multimedia players (iPod/mp3 players, any video game players, etc.)

  • Cell Phones

  • Any unnecessary items (toys, personal belongings, etc)

Please label your child’s belongings to limit accidental sharing.

How do I register?

Registration is easy!

1. View the calendar to decide which days you would like to register for.

2. Fill out the online registration form on our "REGISTER" page. 

3. Select your payment method and complete your payment.

4. Print off and sign your waivers (camp waiver and/or paintball waiver) to bring with you to your first day camp.


Parents FAQ

How much are day camps?

The cost of registration is $40 per child per day. Teen camps are $50 per camper per day. There is a $5 discount per day after the first day! Select the number of days you are registering for in the registration form for an automatic calculation.

I already registered for summer camp, but it was cancelled- now what?

If you were registered for our regular summer camps that were cancelled, your registration does not transfer to day camps. You can, however, contact the camp office if you would like to apply the fees you already paid for summer camp to your day camps registration.

Can I register my child for every day of their camp?

You can register your child for as many camps as you would like! There is only one stipulation:

Due to COVID Guidelines, our capacity is capped to 30 campers a day (15 for Teen Camps). Since we would like to allow every child an opportunity to attend, we will give precedence to campers that are only registered for one day, or for campers who are attending for the first time ever.

In other words, if you have registered your child for every day, and another child who has never attended camp cannot register because there's no more room, we may ask you to give up your spot to the other camper. We want to provide opportunities to as many people as possible!

I work early/late and can't make the pick up/drop off times. Can I still send my child?

If you find yourself in this boat, you have two options:

1. Perhaps there is another family you would like to carpool with! You may want to coordinate with any friends/families within your "extended household" for carpooling to drop offs and pick ups.

2. If you require an alternate pick up/drop off time than what is shown on the day camp schedules, please contact the camp office.

Read these health and safety guidelines for further details on pick up/drop off.


Health & Safety

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we ask that you review these guidelines prior to dropping off your child at day camp. 

  • Pick-up and drop-off will occur outside when weather permits to encourage social distancing

  • When dropping off your children, please follow these guidelines:

    • Assess your child prior to arrival for any symptoms of the common cold, influenza, COVID-19 or other infectious respiratory diseases before sending them to day camp.

    • Follow the signage posted around the campgrounds for directions on social distancing.

    • Bring your signed waivers (available here)

    • Contactless forms of check in and payment will be made available.

    • Children will wash their hands upon arriving at day camp.

  • We ask that parents leave immediately after checking in and limit any unnecessary visiting and mingling.



  • Remind campers to wash their hands often and to limit physical contact with other children. We will spend time each morning reminding the campers of specific rules/guidelines.

  • Please pack a bagged lunch, water, and snacks for the day. Lunch should be in a sealed container/lunch kit. A refrigerator will be made available if needed.

  • Please label your belongings to limit accidental sharing.

  • Campers will be reminded not to share food, water bottles, hats, etc.



At GSBC, we are committed to making our camp a safe and healthy space for our campers. As such, we will be following the guidelines provided on Child and Youth Day Camps to the best of our capabilities. We appreciate your cooperation and responsibility in abiding with these guidelines.

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